Karaoke with a Rocket-Man Twist

Karaoke nights consistently generate business when managers add something extra to keep customers engaged. Each night might have its own theme or musical style that keeps customers excited and returning. Try hosting local celebrities’ night, sports figures from area teams or newscasters and journalists. Host a rock night, blues event, country-western classic or crossover sing-along fifaqq. Possible karaoke themes include:

  • 1. Music by decade
  • 2. Special request night
  • 3. Corporate challenges
  • 4. Duets or parodies
  • 5. Children’s songs sung in an adult style
  • 6. Twisted rock, rap and hip hop
  • 7. Most awful songs ever recorded

The song lineup’s quality (or lack thereof in the last example) is the key to success and not quantity. Try to accommodate special requests that fit the theme, which is easier to do if customers can connect to the restaurant’s digital-menu or POS systems with their smartphones or tablets fifaqq.


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