ARTnews China Launches with Gala Celebrating Artistic Dynamism in Chengdu

On January 25th, ARTnews China hosted its much anticipated launch gala in Chengdu, a city renowned for its vibrant cultural landscape. goldenqq

The theme, “The Wild Cape of Growth,” underscored the gala’s focus. “The Wild Cape” highlighted the relentless quest for and exploration of boundless opportunities, while “Growth” paid homage to the robust and vibrant essence of creativity.

The event saw a gathering of luminaries and influencers, including Qin Hailu, Liu Yijun, Nie Yuan, Liu Yu, Xianzi, Li Meng, Moxi Zishi, Liu Jia, and Nashi. Esteemed figures from the art world, including artits, curators, and collectors such as Ding Yi, Fang Lijun, Lin Tianmiao, Wang Gongxin, Tan Ping, Yue Minjun, Fei Jun, Song Dong, Yin Xiuzhen, Zhang Zikang, and Ma Qingyun, convened to celebrate this milestone in China’s art scene.

Stars Illuminate Chengdu’s Fashion and Art Night


The festival’s opening was marked by Garden of Life, a video installation by artist Fei Jun, which served as a gateway for guests into the realm of artistic exploration. Structured around four principal chapters—Spring Birth, Summer Growth, Autumn Wilderness, and Winter Hope—the installation metaphorically traced the continuum of life against the backdrop of temporal change. Liu Yu, noted for his role in the Chinese reality series The Chinese Youth, brought to life the installation’s narrative through his performance of “Tide of Life,” melding dance with the expressive layers of the art piece. goldenqq

The night’s musical journey featured Xianzi and Moxi Zishi with his band, performing “Coastal Zone” and “Fear Not,” their melodies echoing the purity of nature’s own soundscape, aptly fitting the art and fashion-themed night. In parallel, the celebration embraced the foundational elements of Bashu culture with presentations of “Sichuan Qingyin,” a traditional musical expression, and the ancient art of face-changing in Sichuan Opera, both underlining the rich, intangible cultural heritage of the Sichuan region.

ARTnews China Outlines Key Initiatives for 2024


During the gala evening, ARTnews China publisher, Ms. Yin, unveiled an ambitious roadmap for the remainder of the year. The agenda includes active participation in leading art curations and events, alongside the promotion and financial backing of critical art initiatives. A highlight of the magazine’s anniversary will be the celebration and acknowledgment of artists who have made substantial contributions to the art world.

The event also marked the debut of the ARTnews China Advisory Committee, with members receiving letters of appointment that define their forthcoming roles in advancing the magazine’s mission.

ARTnews China is poised to engage in significant collaborations, including the establishment of spaces in Beijing designed for both the creation and exhibition of art. These centers will serve as hubs for the convergence of art and technology, alongside research and development efforts. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Beijing International Film Festival, ARTnews China will introduce “Art Take – Film Unit,” the first domestic exhibition focusing exclusively on commercial art film shorts, highlighting the magazine’s commitment to pioneering within the art sector.

At ARTnews China, our mission is to showcase premier art, enrich lives through the power of art, and cultivate a dynamic art community committed to discovery and innovation. We champion the transformative role of art in society and look forward to continuing this enriching dialogue with our audience.


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