Arsip Harian: Mar 1, 2024


Don’t Shoot the Piano Player for His or Her Art

Offering dinner specials for special events is one the simplest ways to promote a special, but always look for a unique selling proposition. Instead of showing the works of local artists indiscriminately, choose an artistic style, medium or period. Commission a special showing in unusual media such as tiled...

Karaoke with a Rocket-Man Twist

Karaoke nights consistently generate business when managers add something extra to keep customers engaged. Each night might have its own theme or musical style that keeps customers excited and returning. Try hosting local celebrities’ night, sports figures from area teams or newscasters and journalists. Host a rock night, blues...

Following the Yellow Brick Road

Ideas for promotional events at restaurants will expand naturally after the first few theme nights (or days) because customers will begin suggesting thematic ideas. Getting publicity and exciting people depend on doing something that’s just a little different from typical promotions. Restaurateurs can pave their own roads to success...