Following the Yellow Brick Road

Ideas for promotional events at restaurants will expand naturally after the first few theme nights (or days) because customers will begin suggesting thematic ideas. Getting publicity and exciting people depend on doing something that’s just a little different from typical promotions. Restaurateurs can pave their own roads to success with ideas like:

  • Two-for-one nights for drinks, menu specials, desserts or the full menu are normal, but consider holding a promotion for singles who meet and share a table or participate in a speed-dating round-robin elangqq.
  • Host a beer or wine tasting for neophytes to educate them about craft beers and fine wines.
  • Host community holiday celebrations with live music, open microphones or standup comedy routines.
  • Themed dinners are an ideal way to jump-start business on slow nights, but you can generate even more excitement by encouraging diners to dress for the theme and holding them on weekends or special occasions.
  • Fundraisers are a great way to involve local charities, neighboring businesses and suppliers in special entertainment partnerships.
  • Host a Vegas night with mock-gambling, magic shows, glitzy spangled and feathered showgirls or lounge entertainers.
  • Choose trivia-night themes based on sports, local history, food knowledge or music elangqq.

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